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Font lock question

From: Shaun Johnson
Subject: Font lock question
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:34:55 +0100
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I can define a mode to to render colour names on an appropriate background like 

  (define-derived-mode sj-colour-words-mode nil "Colour Words"
    "Colour words appropriately."
    (setq font-lock-defaults
            (("blue" 0 '(face (fixed-pitch (:background "blue"))))
             ("red" 0 '(face (fixed-pitch (:background "red"))))
             ("green"  0 '(face (fixed-pitch (:background "green")))))
            t t)))

These elements of font-lock-keywords correspond to the form described as
(MATCHER . SUBEXP-HIGHLIGHTER) in section '23.6.2 Search Based Fontification' 
in edition
2.9 of the Elisp manual for emacs 22.2. However I have totally failed to make 
the form
described as (MATCHER . FACESPEC) where FACESPEC is a list of the form
(face FACE PROP1 VAL1...) work.

I'm sure I'm just misundertanding something and would be happy if someone could 
show me
a working example of this type of element.

Thanks in advance,

Shaun Johnson.

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