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RE: Changing background color of an emacs window

From: Corey Foote
Subject: RE: Changing background color of an emacs window
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 20:59:06 -0400

Hello Lennart,Thank you! I really appreciate this code that you have 
contributed.However, I do have a few questions. I'm a newbie when it comes to 
Emacs Lisp, but is your code missing the read-color function? When I invoke 
buffer-bg-set-color interactively I get a message in the mini-buffer saying, 
"Symbol's function definition is void: read-color." I'm running GNU Emacs when I call the function by saying, for example, 
(buffer-bg-set-color "blue" "test-buffer") in the scratch buffer in invoke it 
with C-x C-e, it applies the color to the scratch buffer itself and not to the 
test-buffer buffer like I had wanted.- Corey> Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 23:36:42 
+0200> From: address@hidden> To: address@hidden> CC: address@hidden> Subject: 
Re: Changing background color of an emacs window> > Xah wrote:> > On May 22, 
8:25 am, Corey Foote <address@hidden> wrote:> > «When an Emacs frame is split 
into several windows, is there a way to> > change the background color (and 
perhaps other visual properties) of> > one window without changing the 
others?»> > > > I'm not aware a mode or default way to do it. But what you can 
do is> > write a function that changes current window bg color, to the post-> > 
command-hook.> > > > (defun change-bg-color-on-split ()> >   (let ((cmd 
this-command))> >     (when (string-equal cmd "split-window-vertically")> >     
  (set-background-color "#ffe4c4"))))> > > > (add-hook 'post-command-hook 
'change-bg-color-on-split)> > > Unfortunately that does not change the bg color 
of the whole Emacs > frame, not just the current Emacs window.> > There has 
been a little bit talk about implementing background colors > etc per buffer on 
Emacs devel, but so far no one has done anything to > implement it as far as I 
know.> > There is one workaround, I just added this to EmacsWiki> >> > 
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