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Re: Dired like functionality on a custom text file

From: reader
Subject: Re: Dired like functionality on a custom text file
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 09:10:38 -0500
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Bernardo Bacic <address@hidden> writes:

>>> could it be that find-file-at-point (M-x ffap) is what you are looking for 
>>> here?
>> I don't see much of anything happen using that...
>> First compile a list of files
>> find dir -type f >dir/file
>> Now load file into emacs.
>> With cursor on this line:
>> dir/new.txt
>> Pressing M-x ffap shows
>> Find file or URL: ~/dir/
>> And that's it.  Completion doesn't go anywhere either.
>> I thought this was supposed to load the file name.
> i'm only guessing - it could be due to relative path names;
> try changing your command to:
>    find `pwd`/dir -type f >dir/file
> or just manually edit entries in your 'dir/file' and see if that makes
> any difference

Yup, that was it .. thanks

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