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RE: Blurred fonts with Emacs 22.2

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Blurred fonts with Emacs 22.2
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 06:47:15 -0700

> I've just tried upgrading emacs from 21.3 to 22.2 on a
> Windows XP PC. Now my status bar and any source code
> appear blurry. (This wasn't the case in 21.3) It appears
> to be anything that uses Courier New. The Emacs splash
> screen (using Arial/graphics) is perfectly crisp.
> I'm able to get crisp fonts again by setting
> w32-use-w32-font-dialog to nil, then changing the font
> through the menu options->Set Font/Fontset->Courier->Courier
> 12x9, but this makes all the text large.
> I've installed emacs 22.2 in the same location as 21.3 was,
> but I've removed and replaced the entire emacs directory.
> Is there a way around this?
Perhaps you have anti-aliasing turned on, and you find the result too blurry? I,
for one, prefer anti-aliasing, because it makes text less jagged.
To turn it off (might be different in Vista): 

* right-click the desktop, choose Properties
* click Appearance tab
* click Effects button
* uncheck Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts

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