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Re: info bar isn't showing anything

From: Rich E
Subject: Re: info bar isn't showing anything
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 17:08:20 -0700

Ah, thanks!

I also found this line of code after an hour or so of googling:
(set-face-background 'modeline "#4477aa")

It changes the active face to blue, quite nice..


On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 11:49 AM, Stephen Berman <address@hidden> wrote:
On Thu, 15 May 2008 21:22:25 -0700 "Rich E" <address@hidden> wrote:

> I just noticed that it is only the currently active buffer; if I have more
> than one buffer open, the info bar displays normally on the buffers not
> active.  what is going on...
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 7:35 PM, Rich E <address@hidden> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I don't know what happened, but after installing a new version of Ubuntu
>     (and keeping the same home directory, including .emacs)
>     , the bar that normal shows what file I have open an what line I'm on,
>     etc, is solid grey.
>     Does anyone know how to change the color settings?  I think the text must
>     be the same as the color of the bar or something.  What is this thing
>     called, anyway? Might make it easier for me to search for commands if I
>     knew its name.
>     cheers,
>     Rich

Type `M-x (i.e. Alt-X) customize-face', then return, then at the prompt
type `mode-line'.  For the non-selected buffers type `M-x
customize-face', then return, then `mode-line-inactive' the prompt.

Steve Berman

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