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RE: What alternatives are there to learn Emacs?...

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: What alternatives are there to learn Emacs?...
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 18:14:16 -0700

> What alternatives to the usual manuals are there to learn Emacs?...
> especially for new learners who have difficulties with the
> deficiencies in the usual manual texts and jargon.
> Not all potential new users see themselves as a part of our community!

Not sure what you're counting as the traditional manuals, but here are some
learning resources:

* the onboard Emacs tutorial (learn by doing): C-h t
* the onboard Emacs manual: C-h r
* the EmacsWiki Web site:

  One of the first sections on the main EmacsWiki page is
  a set of links to pages for Learning About Emacs. These
  are some of those learning links:


#1 is the place to start.
#2 answers your question more generally, mentions books, tutorials...
#3 is Emacs information of various kinds
#4 explains Emacs jargon

Others will no doubt chime in with more help. This mailing list is a good place
to ask questions, as is the Emacs wiki.

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