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Exchange image during mouse hover / click

From: David Reitter
Subject: Exchange image during mouse hover / click
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 08:00:20 +0100

I'm dealing with images included in a buffer, which implement buttons for the user to click on.

I'd like to display a slightly darkened image when the user hovers with the mouse over the images, and an even more darkened image when they click on it (during mouse-down). This gives good visual feedback and improves the UI.

Question is: how do I do it? While the tool-bar provides image vectors to do just that, I can't seem to find functionality to implement this.

The `mouse-face' property of faces only allows me to specify another face, so that's not useful to me. There is no way to darken anything displayed via a face property, and I wouldn't really want to do that, because I'm suppling the actual image.

Is this possible now in Emacs 22?  If not, could it be provided in 23?

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