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Re: Building on the Hurd

From: Phil Carmody
Subject: Re: Building on the Hurd
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 01:42:00 +0300
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Evans Winner <address@hidden> writes:
> Phil Carmody <address@hidden> writes:
> Phil Carmody <address@hidden> writes:
>          Evans Winner <address@hidden> writes:
>          What is FFDLY, anyway?
>     Plain old Debian GNU/Linux on x86:
>     /usr/include/asm/termbits.h:
>     [snip] 
>     #define FFDLY       0100000
> Right.  Hmm.  Of course the problem is that on this system
> grep -r FFDLY /usr/include/* results in nothing.  There is
> in fact no asm/ subdirectory.  I wonder if there is some
> package I can conveniently install that provides that.

OSX, which is some dodgy bastardisation of BSD/mach I think:

geespaz:~ phil$ grep FFDLY /usr/include/*/*
/usr/include/sys/termios.h:#define      FFDLY           0x00004000      /* form 
feed delay */

bash$ grep FFDLY /usr/include/*/*
/usr/include/sys/termios.h:#define      FFDLY   0100000

Couldn't find it on plain FreeBSD though:

asdf ~ grep FFDLY /usr/include/*/*
asdf ~ grep FFDLY /usr/include/*  
asdf ~ find /usr/include -name termios.h

> I am beginning to think that it would be better to just
> install Hurd from the ISOs (which means buying a replacement
> for my broken IDE CD-ROM drive).

You should be able to pick one up for a few quid at a car 
boot sale nowadays. I've got several spare myself.

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