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Re: Interpreting commands

From: Don Saklad
Subject: Re: Interpreting commands
Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 09:13:57 -0400

         What does down mean?...
         What does face mean?...
         What does facemenu mean?...
         What does the letter C mean?...
         What does <fc> mean?...
         What does the number 2 mean?... in
         <C-down-mouse-2> <fc> <isearch>

> In <C-down-mouse-2>, C means you need to hold down the control key,
> mouse-2 means you press the second mouse button (while holding
> Control), the down means that the event is triggered when the mouse-2
> button goes down (without the "down-", mouse button events trigger
> when you release the button, which is normally not what you want when
> you are opening a menu).
> <fc> is the name of a menu item, facemenu-set-face-from-menu is the
> name of the function that is executed.

    What does the function do?...  facemenu-set-face-from-menu

    What's a face?
    What's a facemenu?

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