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Re: Help with Emacs 22.2.1 using TRAMP and PuTTY/plink

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Help with Emacs 22.2.1 using TRAMP and PuTTY/plink
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 23:40:06 +0200
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lyallp <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks for replying Michael.

Hi Lyall.

> I don't consider myself a noob at bash, but my problem is that I do
> not know how to determine what the terminal is.
> I can determine if it's an interactive login, but that does not help
> me when it comes to TRAMP.
> How do I differentiate me, from TRAMP?

The default test is [ $TERM = "dumb" ]

> Another part of my problem is that the server in question, on which I
> am not an admin, sets TERM=vt100 in /etc/profile, unconditionally.

That might be a problem, indeed. But first let's test whether setting a
simple prompt helps you.

> My PS1 string contains an escape sequence which updates my XTERM
> window title with my "Host - User - pwd".
> I looked in TRAMP and it's simply looking for a regexp (contained in
> tramp-shell-prompt-pattern), which includes, amongst other junk, a
> newline followed by $ space. (which my PS1 does have - I have my
> username/host/pwd followed by a newline, then $ space - rather than
> having the $ space at the end of a potentially long prompt string).
> Even if it did think my prompt was earlier in the string, it does not
> matter, so long as it proceeds, as almost the first thing TRAMP does
> is start up /bin/sh with a prompt defined by itself as "$ "

Not really. Tramp, for example, sends "unset HISTORY", and it sees your
prompt with the escape sequence. So please, as a first test, discard any
special prompt setting on the remote side, and see whether Tramp goes
through. If this test succeeds, we can investigate how you could
tetermine the presence of Tramp, if the test for $TERM is not

If not, then we must continue with the EOL issue.

> ...Lyall

Best regards, Michael.

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