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Re: Perl mode multiple line quote (qq)

From: Xah
Subject: Re: Perl mode multiple line quote (qq)
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 08:11:10 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 29, 8:39 am, "L. D. James" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a setting for cperl-mode (or perl-mode) that will
> add the feature to allow hitting the tab key to indent when using
> multiple quoted lines such as:
> print qq~
> (tab) This is a tabulated list.
> (tab)(tab) item #1
> (tab)(tab) item #2
> (tab) This is list B
> (tab)(tab) Item 2 of list b
> (tab)(tab) item 3 of list b
> ~;
> The above can be done with either perl-mode or cperl-mode by hitting
> the space key multiple times.  I would hope to be able to use the tab
> key to indent up to the column of where text of the previous line
> starts.

I imagine the easiest way is to switch to python-mode.

You could assign f8 key so it toggles between python and perl mode.
Once in python mode, you could then tab like what you want above.
(don't really need python mode. fundamental-mode will also do, you
could also try text-mode)


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