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Re: elisp question

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: elisp question
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 07:08:32 -0600
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harven wrote:
I am trying to device a short command to
interactively resize the current window:

(defun resize-window (key)
 "resize interactively the window"
 (interactive "c- widen, _ shrink")
     ((eq key (string-to-char "-"))
        (enlarge-window 1)
        (call-interactively 'resize-window))
     ((eq key (string-to-char "_"))
        (enlarge-window -1)
        (call-interactively 'resize-window))
     (t (insert key))))

I type -/_ a number of times, the window enlarges/shrinks, and if I
type another character, the window resizing stops and the character is

However, I would like the following effect.
Any entry other than -/_ should end the resizing and be executed. How
can I achieve such effect ?

See the unread-command-events variable.  Here's an iterative version to
compare to your recursive implementation:

(defvar enlarge-window-char ?_)         ; or ?+
(defvar shrink-window-char ?-)

(defun resize-window (&optional arg)
  "Interactively resize the selected window.
Repeatedly prompt whether to enlarge or shrink the window until the
response is neither `enlarge-window-char' or `shrink-window-char'.
When called with a prefix arg, resize the window by ARG lines."
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((prompt (format "Enlarge/Shrink window (%c/%c)? "
                        enlarge-window-char shrink-window-char))
    (while (progn
             (setq response (read-event prompt))
             (cond ((equal response enlarge-window-char)
                    (enlarge-window arg)
                   ((equal response shrink-window-char)
                    (enlarge-window (- arg))
                   (t nil)))
      ;; no loop body needed
    (push response unread-command-events)))

Kevin Rodgers
Denver, Colorado, USA

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