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Re: How to dispaly hh:mm:ss in mode line?

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: How to dispaly hh:mm:ss in mode line?
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 16:08:25 +0100

Am 01.02.2008 um 03:22 schrieb Misskiss:

Now my emacs mode line can display time like "Thu Jan 31 21:19", what if
I want to display second, too? just like: Thu Jan 31 21:19:23, and it
also can update per second?

To make the time and date appear in mode-line add to your user init file, ~/.emacs:


The time format is determined by two variables:


The former can be customised to be true or false (t or nil), the latter accepts a description as can be investigated from

        man strftime

which also provides nice "localised" versions (I have in GNU Emacs ``"%a, %d. %b %Y %R"ยดยด and outside a simple %Ec. You can test the look on the command line as in 'date '+<your format>'. There are also the customisable variables


of which I am not that sure whether they are needed.



Real Time, adj.:
Here and now, as opposed to fake time, which only occurs there and then.

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