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Re: Emacs regexp problem

From: Pascal Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Emacs regexp problem
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 19:50:09 +0100
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"" <> writes:

> Hello, I'm doing an emacs replace-regexp and the regexp behaves
> differently from how it behaves in Python, and also differently from
> how I expect.
> I'm trying to add quotes around the parameter in a function call.
> I.e.:
> func(param) should be converted to func('param')
> I use the following command:
> M-x replace-regexp [enter] get\((.*)\) [enter] get('\1')) [enter]
> and the result is func(param) is converted to func('(param)')
> Why are those extra parentheses appearing in there; is this an error
> on emacs' part?

Read the doc! (info "(emacs)Regexps")

emacs regexp are more like BRE than ERE in this respect.

Use: M-x replace-regexp RET get(\(.*\)) RET get('\1')) RET

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