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RCIRC loading problem with Solaris 10!

From: rthoreau
Subject: RCIRC loading problem with Solaris 10!
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 07:35:22 -0800 (PST)
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Hello: Fellow Emacs users;

I am in need of some assistance, I am using Emacs 21.3.1 off of the
Solaris 10 Companion cd and cannot get rcirc to load under emacs. I
have the .el file installed in the lisp directory and have followed
the instructions for rcirc.el file which is to put this into
my .emacs.

 (eval-after-load "rcirc"                ; for emacs 21
      '(if (not (functionp 'irc))
           (defun irc (x)
             (interactive "P")
             (if x
                 (call-interactively 'rcirc)
               (rcirc rcirc-server rcirc-port rcirc-nick
                      (rcirc-startup-channels rcirc-server))))))

But when I go to M-x irc, emacs is unable to load the rcirc package.

load-path's value is listed below.
("/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/site-lisp" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/site-
lisp" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/leim" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/
lisp" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/toolbar" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/
21.3/lisp/textmodes" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/progmodes" "/opt/
sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/play" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/
obsolete" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/net" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/
21.3/lisp/mail" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/language" "/opt/sfw/
share/emacs/21.3/lisp/international" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/
gnus" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/eshell" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/
21.3/lisp/emulation" "/opt/sfw/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/emacs-lisp" "/opt/

According to the load-path documentation it says the above are the
directories that emacs uses to search for .el files.


Is the file I have placed the rcirc.el file in, I can use load-file to
load the rcirc.el package. But for some reason it won't do it by it's
self. I would like the ability to load the file on emacs startup so
all I have to do is use the M-x irc without calling load-file.



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