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Re: Drag Drop & Dired & Emacs 22

From: Burak Bayramli
Subject: Re: Drag Drop & Dired & Emacs 22
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:54:18 GMT

prophetarum omnes
rememorare sermones, et restituere populo eam legem quae data est per

633. Against the story in Esdras, 2 Maccab. 2.; Josephus, Antiquities, II,
i.--Cyrus took occasion from the prophecy of Isaiah to release the people.
The Jews held their property in peace under Cyrus in Babylon; hence they
could well have the law.

Josephus, in the whole history of Esdras, does not say one word about this
restoration. 2 Kings 17:27.

634. If the story in Esdras is credible, then it must be believed that the
Scripture is Holy Scripture; for this story is based only on the authority
of those who assert that of the Seventy, which shows that the Scripture is

Therefore, if this account be true, we have what we want therein; if not, we
have it elsewhere. And thus those who would ruin the truth of our religion,
founded on Moses, establish it by the same authority by which they attack
it. So by this providence it still exists.

635. Chronology of Rabbinism. (The citations of pages are from the book

Page 27. R. Hakadosch (anno 200), author of the Mischna, or vocal law, or
second law.

Commentaries on the Mischna (anno 340): The one Siphra.


Talmud Hierosol.


Bereschit Rabah, by R. Osaiah Rabah, commentary on the Mischna.

Bereschit Rabah, Bar Naconi, are subtle and pleasant discourses, historical
and theological. This same author wrote the books called Rabot.

A hundred years after the Talmud Hierosol was composed the Babylonian
Talmud, by R. Ase, A.D. 440, by the universal consent of all the Jews, who
are necessarily obliged to observe all that is contained therein.

The addition of R. Ase is called the Gemara, that is to say, the commentary
on the Mischna.

And the Talmud includes together the Mischna and the Gemara.

636. If does not indicate indifference: Malachi, Isaiah.

Isaiah, Si volumus, etc.

In quacumque die.[115]

637. Prophecies.--The sceptre w

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