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input methods per file

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: input methods per file
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:29:15 +0000
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I've been tearing my hair out about this, but being new to
internationalisation, I can't find an answer. 

I'm trying to set an input method on a per file basis. Most of the time I
don't use an one, but a few files that I have are written in a different

I've tried putting this at the end of the file. 

;; Local Variables: ***
;; eval: (set-input-method "italian-postfix") ***
;; End: ***

Which works well, but is a pain because I get asked a yes no question as eval
is risky. As I use desktop to re-open my files this makes startup a problem. 

Obviously I could make eval non risky, but obviously I don't want to do that.
I thought about language environments as well, but then this seems to require
evaluating a function, rather than setting a variable. 

The best I can have come up with is to set a variable, and then put a hook
into the open file process which runs set-input-method.

I'm missing something surely. Am I the only one who wants to do this? Is there
a better way to achieve the same thing?


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