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Re: emacs start page

From: Will Parsons
Subject: Re: emacs start page
Date: 23 Jan 2008 17:28:11 GMT
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B. T. Raven wrote:
> ilovemiami wrote:
>> I am using fedora 8 right now. I got an annoying problem in the emacs
>> come with the distribution.
>> Everytime I start emacs to open a file, either old or new,I always got
>> a default emacs message page. The page will dispaear when I press any
>> key. That is annoying to me. Is there any way I can disable this
>> feature?
>> Thanks.
> If this is same screen you see when you do Menu>Help>About Emacs, then 
> adding (setq inhibit-splash-screen t) to your .emacs file will suppress 
> its display (and also the 3 info lines in *scratch*
The problem is that suppresses the splash screen unconditionally, whereas
I at any rate like to see the splash screen if Emacs is started without
specifying a file.  I asked a question similar to the OP's a while ago,
and got the following suggestion for .emacs from Sven Joachim:

(when (> (length command-line-args) 1)
  (setq inhibit-splash-screen t))

(There were other more complex suggestions from other people, but the above
works fine for my purposes.)

- Will

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