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Finding the previous/next line at same indentation

From: Micah R Ledbetter
Subject: Finding the previous/next line at same indentation
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:07:50 -0600

Ladies and gentlemen of the list,

I'm editing a file which describes a hierarchical relationship between objects, with children indented from parents.

Sometimes I want to find other children of the same parent, which will naturally be at the same level of indentation. Sometimes, there are a great deal of sub-children in the way, and navigating pages and pages of this can be tedious. Would someone point me toward some elisp code that helps me accomplish this?

As a bonus, it would be cool to intelligently encounter indentation which indicates a new entry - that is, instead of ALWAYS finding the next or previous item at the same level of indentation, if it encounters a line at a *lower* level of indentation, it should halt (or even wrap around to the beginning of the current entry).

Thanks in advance.

 - Micah

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