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Re: Emacs - W3m - Tables

From: Will
Subject: Re: Emacs - W3m - Tables
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 17:14:18 +0100
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Dear Chris,

you were very helpful. Option 2 works fine for me!

Thanks, Will

Chris McMahan skrev:
The squares you see are a result of the font you're using. It doesn't
have the characters in the fontset necessary to draw the table.

You have two options that I can think of:

1. Use a different font within emacs that does support the full charset
   Bitstream Sans Mono and DejaVu Sans Mono work well for me. The
   DejaVu is actually a variant of the Bitstream with more characters
   included. You can find the DejaVu font here:

2. Use ASCII characters only to draw the tables. You then revert to
   +, - and | characters to draw any tables and horizontal rules. They
   don't look as clean, but will be guaranteed to work no matter what
   font you use. You can change to this mode with the following
   setting in your configuration:
   (setq w3m-use-symbol nil)

I hope this helps!

- Chris

Will <> writes:


I'd like to view simple html tables within GNU Emacs using W3m.
This works well for simple text. However, if I want to look at tables
I get squared boxes instead of proper table borders.

How can I tell Emacs/W3m to display it correctly?

I am using GNU Emacs V22.1 on Windows XP. W3m is running under Cygwin.

Best, Will

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