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Re: emacs mode beginner?

From: Will
Subject: Re: emacs mode beginner?
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 11:13:01 +0100
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just want to add that the statement "Emacs is a working environment integrated in a unix-like operating system" would fit better.

By the way, I often hear that Emacs has a steep learning curve which is also not correct. If you plot time (x-axis) x knowledge/performance (y-axis) the resulting curve is rather flat at the beginning (at least in my experience). I think the reason for this misunderstanding is a confounding with the idea that learning emacs is like "climbing a steep mountain".

Sorry, for being a smart-ass but I have often read those other statements and found it misleading.

Best, Will

timoshiu skrev:

I love emacs and use it daily basic...
and the joke "emacs is an operating system, it just need a great
editor" is making me laugh every time I come across.

but where is the definite guide for emacs mode and minor user guide,
tutorial, or documentation?


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