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emacsclient and gnuclient on msw2000

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: emacsclient and gnuclient on msw2000
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 12:59:05 -0600
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I want to associate certain file extensions with Emacs so that a new instance of Emacs is not opened when a file is clicked on. Is it possible to do this in a w32 environment? Recently I saw this in the ng but I don't understand it:

REM $Id: emacsassoc.bat,v 1.1 2003/01/10 08:21:27 reichr Exp $
REM You should adjust the path to gnuclientw.exe
REM %%1 is needed for 4nt, %1 can be used for cmd.exe

ftype emacs-file=c:\emacs\bin\gnuclientw.exe -q -F "%%1"
assoc .vhdl=emacs-file
assoc .vhd=emacs-file
assoc .v=emacs-file
assoc .c=emacs-file
assoc .txt=emacs-file
assoc .el=emacs-file
assoc .tex=emacs-file

I have changed the path to match my local one but I see that in the bin directory I have emacsclientw and not gnuclient.

I have deleted the .txt association (with Notepad) from the w2000 extensions and I wanted to do something like in the above example to have any .txt file opened in a buffer in an already open emacs instance.
Is that possible?

My version is 22.1


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