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Re: Meaning ofprefixes

From: B. Smith-Mannschott
Subject: Re: Meaning ofprefixes
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 14:05:58 +0100

On Jan 12, 2008, at 13:22, matthias wrote:

is there any proposed meaning for the different prefixes (like C-x, C-c, etc)?

I think C-c prefixes tend to be used for things that are specific to the current major editing mode. C-x is used for things that are more global.

[off topic] Incidentally, as I was browsing C-h b (describe-bindings) to confirm this hunch, I discovered kmacro.el, which allows macro definition and execution using F3 and F4, implements a keyboard macro ring (remembering previous macros), and provides a simple macro counter for inserting numbers (incremented each time) as part of a macro. I had no idea. I'm still using the "traditional" bindings C-x (, C-x ), C-x e just as I have been since was first exposed to emacs over 10 years ago. I'm sure there are still whole worlds of functionality in emacs I'm completely unaware of. What a beast it is.

// ben

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