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Anything like this exist already? (buffer name intelligence)

From: Aaron Maxwell
Subject: Anything like this exist already? (buffer name intelligence)
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 10:59:08 -0800
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Hi all,

I find that much of the work I do now involves similarly named files, so that 
the default buffer naming algorithm is less than ideal.  For example, I write 
Python code in the Django framework a lot, which at any given moment I'll 
have a number of files like this open at once:

Etc.  So it's hard to know what the buffer named "<3>" corresponds 
to just from memory, etc.

I've taken to renaming such buffers with a prefix in their file path, just 
enough to make them unique: i.e., for "/home/amax/src/snazzylib/", 
I might rename its buffer from "" to "snazzylib/".  And 
I wrote a utility to automate this, which I've pasted below.  I bind it to 
C-c e, and thus can quickly give a new buffer a clueful name without 
interrupting myself to think about it.

Am I reinventing the wheel here?  I can't imagine being the first to be 
annoyed by this, so there's a good chance this problem has already been 
solved.  If someone knows of an existing solution, can you point me to it?

If so, I may use that rather than putting more work into this (I have further 
features in mind).  Otherwise I'll add to it and package it up nice and 
pretty so others can use it.


Aaron Maxwell

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