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Re: Region-highlighting has disappeared.

From: Adam Funk
Subject: Re: Region-highlighting has disappeared.
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 13:04:16 +0000
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On 2008-01-10, wrote:

> I encountered the same problems here with emacs under ubuntu. I used
> to use emacs under Fedora and Mandriva. The emacs under those two
> linux distributions has no problem at all. But when i transfered to
> ubuntu, I have the same problems, i.e., the selected region using
> keyboard can not be highlighted. E.g, when you using \C+space mark a
> begining of a region, and then using the left or right arrows to move
> the cursor, nothing happened (it supposed to extend the region from
> the position where \C + space marked). However, when I reach the end
> of the region, and using alt+w to cut it, it still works. This problem
> is very annoying when you using the keyboard for editing in Emacs,
> because you can not see the selected region, they are in darks.
> I also try to emacs -q to ignore my profile, the same thing happened.
> Does anyone can tell me how to solve this problem?

When I start it with `emacs -q`, region-highlighting is off; try using

  M-x transient-mark-mode

to switch it on.  If that works, put 

 (setq transient-mark-mode t)

in your .emacs file and try again.  (My problem was that something
mysterious in my .emacs file was interfering with transient-mark-mode,
which was turned on in that file.)


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