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Re: eLisp: Print variable content to message buffer

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: eLisp: Print variable content to message buffer
Date: 4 Jan 2008 16:25:12 GMT
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Will wrote:
> after looking around in the web without finding a solution, I still 
> wonder how one can print the content of a variable to the *message* 
> buffer. Specifically, I'd like to have an output like this in my 
> *message* buffer after starting Emacs:
> "This is my Emacs Exec-Path:"
> <exec-path>
> Thanks in advance,
> Will
> PS: What reference for eLisp would you recommend
> (apart from those included in Emacs)?

none. at least i've never used any other reference material. i started out
with the emacs lisp intro, and from there on only used the elisp reference
manual that comes with emacs.

as a first step toward solving your problem, do:

C-h i m elisp RET m index RET m message RET

or alternatively, put your cursor directly after the following line and
type C-x C-e (in emacs, of course):

(info "(elisp)Displaying Messages")


Joost Kremers                            
Selbst in die Unterwelt dringt durch Spalten Licht

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