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Re: SV: Post script printing from emacs

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: SV: Post script printing from emacs
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 23:53:09 +0100

Am 03.01.2008 um 07:59 schrieb Thor Nordstrand:

I am using GNU Emacs 20.7.1 for VHDL coding.

I'm not sure whether your problem is really an Emacs problem – I have an old Emacs 20.7 ... and I can't make it happen! So I assume two causes:

 • your system's printing subsystem
 • VHDL mode

Third cause can be

 • your own or your system's customisation

The tests are simple. For example, still in VHDL, print a buffer not with the ps-print-<whatsoever> command, but use the ps-spool-<the same> command, i.e. "print" substituted with "spool." This will create a *PostScript* buffer instead of putting the output into the printer queue. This buffer you can save as <some file>.ps. Using gv or whatever you can check what the Emacs print output looks like before it was fed into the printer queue. If you see a difference, then it's due to the printing subsystem, i.e. filters in that printer queue, or some "mode" in the physical printer (which one is it?), cause that the queue input's two (or more) pages in portrait mode get printed side by side on one sheet of paper in landscape mode. (You might also be able to stop the printer queue from sending its contents to the printer. Then you could inspect the queue's contents and compare that with what you've saved in Emacs. For both you'll need system administrator's privileges, i.e. root access.)

If the PS file looks exactly like the sheet of paper, then you should try to print some simple text or some dired or the *Messages* or *shell* buffer, again with the spool command, to save some paper. Again two pages on one sheet of landscape paper? Then it must be your customisation.

Launching GNU Emacs with -q or --no-init-file will disable it from loading your init file. Then spool something *before* you opened any VHDL file. How does it look? If it's still in landscape, then it's likely that the system's init file is doing something. It's name is site-init.el, somewhere in load-path. If not, then it's likely your own customisation.

I don't have any VHDL by hand so I can't do all the tests myself ...



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