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Re: traverse a directory

From: Alexey Pustyntsev
Subject: Re: traverse a directory
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 21:16:01 +1000
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Xah Lee <> writes:

> For unix, as you said, is “find” (with exec or xargs), which is the
> most fucking fuck demented twisted crippled shit in the entire
> universe. (This point is particularly interesting because most senior
> unix sys admins and don't realize it but actually thought its godsend)
> For more, see:
> ★ Unix Command Line Tools Tips
> Emacs lisp's
> (require 'find-lisp)
> (mapcar 'myfun (find-lisp-find-files mydir))
> Is the most beautiful among these.
> For a general treatise on sorting tree nodes (i.e. the order of
> visiting), see:

Dude, please, calm down. Relax. 


Happy New Year!

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