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Re: jump between if-fi

From: reader
Subject: Re: jump between if-fi
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 09:39:41 -0600
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Alan Mackenzie <> writes:


>> Yes that would be very nice but is also very unlikely.  My skill level
>> would have to be improved several hundred percentage points in a pretty
>> short while.
> Indeed.  Where's the problem with that?  The Emacs documentation
> (including that for Emac Lisp) is sensationally good, and there's as much
> help as you need on the net.  For functionality this useful, I'd happily
> help you by personal email, even several times a week.


And as you noted.. elisp isn't well suited for scripting so I'm
working on perl.


>> I guess not too many emacs developers really do much shell scripting.
>> Probably using a lot more high level scripting languages (perl, lisp,
>> python and etc).  I run into portability problems more with shell
>> scripts since something like perl is the same everywhere.
> I would think most Emacsers write shell scripts reasonably fluently.
> Lisp isn't really suited for the job, and p{erl,ython} seem over
> complicated.  In my humble opinion, of course.  ;-)

I'm sure they are fluent.  Way more than I am.

What I said was I doubt they use shell languages as much as someone
who isn't fluent in perl or python.  What I was getting at is there
may not be much of a perceived need for things that aid shell
scripting.  All the higher level stuff uses parens rather than if-fi.

I do agree though that hacking out something to make emacs able to
recognize shell constructs like it does with parens would be a great
learning tool and of some value to the emacs community.  God knows I
owe the community a huge debt for all the help over the years.

I may have to dig into it this new year.

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