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Re: image-dired shows images as text

From: nullius . filius
Subject: Re: image-dired shows images as text
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:59:50 -0800 (PST)
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My version of  22.1, which came bundled with auctex, was missing the
jpeg library. Can you display normal pictures? What happens when you
open a jpeg file in emacs? If you are not displaying jpeg files would
check to make sure you have  jpeg62.dll?

Allan wrote:
>I am using Emacs 22.1 on Windows XP like the OP. When I type M-x 
>>thumbs-dired-show-marked I just get empty squares displayed four rows wide. I 
>marked >six images and I got one row of four squares and a second row of two 
>squares, all blank. >I have tried M-x thumbs before and got similar results 
>(namely, a block of sixteen empty >boxes). I have also added the ImageMagick 
>directory to the exec-path variable via a >customization window, but 
>unfortunately it did not help.

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