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error entering dired

From: Michael Powe
Subject: error entering dired
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 13:48:47 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.11 (Gnus v5.11) Emacs/22.1 (gnu/linux)


After opening emacs and trying to enter dired mode, I get this message
and dired buffer will not open:

font-lock-eval-keywords: Lisp nesting exceeds `max-lisp-eval-depth'

other functionality, such as gnus and using JDE to create/edit java
source, seems to be working fine.

This was all working on my old slackware system, I just changed to
ubuntu 7.10 today, and copied over my .emacs &c to the new system.  The
old system was emacs 21 and the new one is emacs 22.

Any thoughts on what could have changed between the two versions that
would cause this behavior?



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