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Re: Dvorak layout except when modifier key is pressed

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Dvorak layout except when modifier key is pressed
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 11:08:14 +0100

Am 26.12.2007 um 02:31 schrieb B. T. Raven:

I recently installed Fedora 8 but it has only the basic Linux functionality. I think there is something called "Developer Spin" (another DVD) that I need to get the Emacs files.

No, no! Xmodmap is a basic utility of X11. If you haven't installed X11, then of course you have only something basic before you. The developer packages usually contain C header files and static libraries. Of course you can count compiler packages to the developer packages. And sometimes (I think with Fedora always) you also get the source code for the packages, except they are third party drivers, for example for the graphics adapter.

Commonly X11 is started (and personalised) with the help of a little script ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession. Templates for these files contain invocations of xrdb (to load and set X resources), xset (to set the path to X11 font repositories), and xmodmap, to correct the meaning of keyboard keys, particularly to set modifier keys like shift, control, alt, hyper, super, compose. And xmodmap allows you to swap left and right mouse buttons, which the left hand might like when you used for the pointing device.



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