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Re: Can Emacs beat NetBeans or Eclipse?

From: Gian Uberto Lauri
Subject: Re: Can Emacs beat NetBeans or Eclipse?
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 11:15:21 +0100
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Quoting Tom Tromey <address@hidden>:

Gian> Usually, or I use ant or use Eclipse as project handler, debugger (I
Gian> don't know of something as well integrated in Emacs like gdb),
Gian> compiler -uses JDK one, AFAIK- and editor for the very little things.

Tried M-x jdb?  I haven't but I'm curious how it compares.

Once, and did the job. But the Sun JDK debugger is what linmits all...

Gian> I would like to write an eclipse editor to reokace JDT one that uses
Gian> emacsclient like code to trigger Emacs Lisp...

Yeah.  Well, I'd really prefer the reverse -- include the nice bits of
Eclipse in Emacs.  But either way is just a dream until someone writes
it :-)

I handle Java better than LISP :). Even if writing a Plugin involves a bit
of wizardry...

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