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Re: image-dired shows images as text

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: image-dired shows images as text
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 10:13:29 +1300

 > > These two methods are not exactly equivalent: in the first, `command'
 > > can be something understood and interpreted by a shell, including
 > > pipes, redirections, etc.  In the seconds, it must be a name of an
 > > executable program file.
 > >
 > > But I have no idea whether this difference is of any importance for
 > > the case in point.
 > Good points. And, again, patches are welcome.

I'm unlikely to contribute such a patch because, as Eli points out, it may
not work for all uses of call-process in image-dired-create-thumb, and
I don't have the level of understanding needed to make such a judgement.

 > If I get the time I might do something about this over the
 > holidays. It's largely a matter of how much it itches however...

If you are not interested, it might be a good idea to specify the FSF as the
maintainer of this file.


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