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Re: Newbie questions (ftp and keyboard-shortcuts in particular).

From: SeanInSeattle
Subject: Re: Newbie questions (ftp and keyboard-shortcuts in particular).
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 06:33:13 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 20, 6:28 am, SeanInSeattle <address@hidden> wrote:
> So, here are some more intelligent questions for our emacs users:
> For all answers, please give exact / explicit key stroke sequence
> (i.e. 'press TAB, then press the letter T' or 'hold down Ctrl and Alt
> at the same time, and then press M').  The help files are not helpful
> in this way, saying only things like 'if you wanna indent a selection
> less, choose the command _Indent Less_', instead of saying something
> like, 'indent less by pressing ctrl+shift+tab after selecting the
> region'.
> 1.  How to make CUA Mode enabled all the time (I'm assuing its a line
> to be added to the '.emacs' file, but I couldn't find the line to
> add)?
> 2.  How to change Emacs' home directory to my documents folder?
> 3.  How to increase or decrease the indent of a selection by selecting
> a region and then hitting tab or shift+tab?
> 4.  How to enable syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, & CSS per the
> file extension?
> 5.  How to change background and foreground (regular text) color
> preferences within the editor?
> 6.  How to change font preferences of regular text within the editor?
> 7.  Why doesn't FTP => [save-as, open, & save] don't flippin' work
> (note: if you'd like to test ftp, then feel free.  the userid is
> 'prototwo' and the password is 'whitemouse' and the site is
> '').  I've tried using the command '/
> ftp:address@hidden:public_html/css/default.css', but it fails
> every time.

Sorry guys, I posted the username and pass for the ftp, which I
shouldn't have done here, and I realized this right after I pasted
here.  This is a copy of the questions that I had written for a
friend.  Please disreguard the 'try this if you want to' suggestion in
question # 7.  I've already changed the password.  Thanks!

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