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Newbie questions (ftp and keyboard-shortcuts in particular).

From: SeanInSeattle
Subject: Newbie questions (ftp and keyboard-shortcuts in particular).
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 06:28:15 -0800 (PST)
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So, here are some more intelligent questions for our emacs users:

For all answers, please give exact / explicit key stroke sequence
(i.e. 'press TAB, then press the letter T' or 'hold down Ctrl and Alt
at the same time, and then press M').  The help files are not helpful
in this way, saying only things like 'if you wanna indent a selection
less, choose the command _Indent Less_', instead of saying something
like, 'indent less by pressing ctrl+shift+tab after selecting the

1.  How to make CUA Mode enabled all the time (I'm assuing its a line
to be added to the '.emacs' file, but I couldn't find the line to

2.  How to change Emacs' home directory to my documents folder?

3.  How to increase or decrease the indent of a selection by selecting
a region and then hitting tab or shift+tab?

4.  How to enable syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, & CSS per the
file extension?

5.  How to change background and foreground (regular text) color
preferences within the editor?

6.  How to change font preferences of regular text within the editor?

7.  Why doesn't FTP => [save-as, open, & save] don't flippin' work
(note: if you'd like to test ftp, then feel free.  the userid is
'prototwo' and the password is 'whitemouse' and the site is
'').  I've tried using the command '/
ftp:address@hidden:public_html/css/default.css', but it fails
every time.

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