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RE: Configure SPACE as file auto-complete character

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Configure SPACE as file auto-complete character
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 07:30:07 -0800

> > But, back to my original question, if I like to keep the SPACE as the
> > file auto-complete character, how can I configure it back to the pre-
> > version 22 behavior?
> Ah!  Yes... good question.... Drew?

I thought someone had answered that already. The Emacs NEWS - or more
likely, the Emacs manual Anti-News, should explain that. At least the NEWS
mentions that this is controlled in the file-name completion maps (which are
new with Emacs 22, mainly to accommodate the fact that they didn't want this
space change also for non-file-name completion). It says this, which is
correct but perhaps not sufficiently clear:

 "The underlying changes in the keymaps that are active in the
  minibuffer are described below under `New keymaps for typing
  file names'."

Anyway, Klaus has now shown you how - you just need to change the binding of
the space character in the file-name completion maps.

[For Icicles: Space completion a word at a time is determined by option
`icicle-word-completion-keys' - just set it to the key(s) you want for that.
And if you don't want space to complete a word at a time, but you also don't
want space to self-insert, then do the same thing that Klaus showed, but for
all minibuffer completion keymaps.]

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