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Re: emacs keybinding syntaxes bewilderment

From: Sebastian Tennant
Subject: Re: emacs keybinding syntaxes bewilderment
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 12:17:40 +0200
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Quoth rustom <address@hidden>:
> On Dec 16, 1:56 pm, Harald Hanche-Olsen <address@hidden> wrote:
>> + rustom <address@hidden>:
>> > But why is kbd not in the elisp manual?
>> It isn't?  I found it via the index in mine.
>> Maybe you have an old version?
> My default emacs is 21. 22 is available as emacs-snapshot-gtk. So info
> emacs gives info for 21.  Could find no packages for info of 22 (that
> I could find). Strangely both 21 and 22 respond positively to describe-
> function kbd. Hence the mystery.
> I'm running debian etch.

Debian users need to install the package:


The elisp manual is included in this package and I can confirm that kbd
is documented therein.


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