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Load path and custom compiling cvs on Debian

From: John Wells
Subject: Load path and custom compiling cvs on Debian
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 12:46:10 -0500


I've learned that anti-aliased fonts don't appear to be supported yet
on 22, and I've also found that compiling the unicode branch out of
CVS enables this support.

I've done the compile and it works great...fonts look wonderful.
However, the problem is the custom compiled emacs doesn't find all my
pre-installed Debian packaged modes and utilities, like ecb,
ruby-mode, etc.

It appears that the dpkg's put the various installed files in:


Then, when I start emacs, these are already there, loaded.

Can someone tell me what configurations settings I need to do to make
these work with my custom compile? Is it a ./configure option? Is it
some central emacs config file? Can I inspect where my custom compile
is looking for modes easily through emacs itself?

Sorry for so many questions...I'm learning quickly, but there's a lot to learn!


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