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Re: How to turn off conf-mode

From: Robert L Knighten
Subject: Re: How to turn off conf-mode
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 21:10:08 -0800
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Thank you for your comments, they certainly make the issue clearer, but where
I am still confused about how to change this in a useful way.  My problem
isn't just what regular expression to use but rather that the one at issue is
part of the defvar of auto-mode-alist that is created when files.el is an
official part of emacs.  Of course I can change files.el, but I certainly do
not want to do that.  And of course I can just redefine auto-mode-alist
changing only the troublesome part, but again I hope there is a less extreme

-- Bob

Robert L. Knighten

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