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Opening an info page by command name, take 2

From: rdiezmail-emacs
Subject: Opening an info page by command name, take 2
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 21:49:59 +0100 (CET)

Hi all:

I recently posted in this list about opening an Info page in emacs by
command name, and I did get some replies, thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, I'm still missing one piece of the equation: how do I
know the Info page name beforehand?

Say I want to get help about grep and also about gzip. With man I would
just type "man grep" and "man gzip". From the command line I can type
"info grep" and "info gzip" and get similar pages. With emacs, if I
only now the words "grep" and "gzip", I cannot open those pages.

For example, these are two suggestions I got on my last post:

  emacs -Q --eval '(info "(bash3ref)Arrays")'

  emacsclientw -e "(info \"(elisp) Lists\")"

The question is, where did "(bash3ref)Arrays" and "(elisp) Lists" come
from? You would have to browse the Info pages beforehand, wouldn't you?
But that defeats the purpose. I would want to call some (info "bash")
routine and get the same page as with "info bash" from the command
line, but the info routine in emacs does not find the same page, it
doesn't find anything under "bash" or "grep" or "gzip" alone.

Thanks again,

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