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Re: first emacs lisp script: hello world

From: Joel J. Adamson
Subject: Re: first emacs lisp script: hello world
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 13:04:59 -0500
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"Stewart Haddock" <address@hidden> writes:

> All right.. Here comes the new guy.
> I downloaded emacs, but I can not figure out how to create a hello
> world script and run it.  I know this is incredibly basic, but when
> you are doing this stuff by yourself it is not always obvious.  Can
> someone point the way?

Have you tried the tutorial?  If you're really interested in Emacs Lisp,
It should also be included as an info file in your installation (as long
as you installed Emacs 22 or above).  [f1] i should get you the info


Joel J. Adamson
Pediatric Psychopharmacology Research Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA  02114
(617) 643-1432
(303) 880-3109

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