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Ugly C++ code needs to be reformated - is emacs the right tool?

From: jgombos
Subject: Ugly C++ code needs to be reformated - is emacs the right tool?
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 10:05:34 -0800 (PST)

New coding standard mandate forces 80 column limit (puke).  So I need a tool
to split long lines intelligently, so clean and readable breaks are made. 
The code is rough looking in other ways, because I've run some
non-interactive sed scripts on it to do some replacements, so the resulting
code is almost as ugly as machine generated code.  

I need an industrial strength pretty printer (though I hate to call it that
because it implies the output is a publication).  Is there any way to make
emacs do this?  I'm not interested in starting a lisp project, but if
there's some code out there I can grab, that would be excellent.

I tried to use Artistic Style (astyle), and it's just not manipulative
enough.  It will fix indentations, but doesn't split lengthy lines, and
doesn't mess with intra-statement whitespace.  

Tidy does a great job of taking very messy HTML and making it readable.  So
something along those lines but for C++ would be great.  I'm not too picky
about formatting details.. any of the mainstream styles are fine
(BSD/Allman, Whitesmith, K&R..)
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