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RE: Emacs - Buffer List - Drop-Down-Menu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs - Buffer List - Drop-Down-Menu
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 10:53:57 -0800

> > BTW, this helps a lot with the organization, but it doesn't
> really respond
> > to the OP question about justification and alignment. I agree that the
> > alignment is not ideal.
> The alignment comes from the second nested format call in mouse-buffer-
> menu-alist. I think the intention is to align the flags and file name,
> but it also results in the buffer names being left padded, losing
> their left alignment. This looks completely messed up when the menus
> use a variable width font, as nothing ends up aligned.
> On Windows, the tab character can be used for alignment within the
> menu, xmenu.c seems to use spaces to align the key codes though, so it
> probably doesn't work cross-platform.

Yes. A variable-width font is what I see on Windows, by default - which is
good, IMO.

I think (so far) that the buffer name should just be flush left, and it
should be followed by a single space before the file name. That is, forget
about trying to align the file names. That is the best solution for a
variable-width font, IMO. Besides, there is no reason to align the file
names: they don't constitute a separate field or whatever here.

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