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Re: Still in fog on ispell

From: Will
Subject: Re: Still in fog on ispell
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 15:39:09 +0100
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Hi, Vip!

Watch out that there are several path variables which you can define in Emacs! E.g. the MS Windows PATH variable which applies to the cmd-shell in Emacs. Regarding aspell or other tools that Emacs relies on, make sure that they are included in the <exec-path> variable.

AFAIK, the MS Windows Environment Variable PATH should be included in <exec-path> automatically but in my case (GNU Emacs 22.1 on MS Windows XP) this failed. Therefore, I set all path variables separately in my .emacs file, e.g. I include the aspell/ispell path explicitly in my <exec-path>

(setq-default exec-path '(
;; GNU Utils
"C:/Program Files/Aspell/bin/"
;; MS Windows Integration
"C:/Program Files/Support Tools/"

Hope this helps.


address@hidden skrev:
I reinstalled emacs 22 on XP because I had put a different ispell.el
in there.  Emacs is at c:\Program Files\Emacs and Ispell is at
c:\Program Files\Common Files\ISpell, It can't find it. Ispell.el says
I have to set some variables. Some of them look too unixy too me (they
have stuff like /usr/ in them).

On DOS with emacs 18 I am doing a bit better.. it is looking for english.hash

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