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emacs function for writing C++ iterator loop

From: Mohitz
Subject: emacs function for writing C++ iterator loop
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 00:56:46 -0000
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I program in C++ using emacs. And i tend to use the C++ iterator a
lot. Now, whenever I want to iterate I always write almost the same
kinda code. So, i want to write a emacs function so that emacs does
that for me.

For example

If i tell emacs that i am iterating on a "deque<ClassName> " variable
with variable name "var" pointing to
"someThing", Emacs should potentially be able to generate the

deque<CLassName> var = someThing;
deque<ClassName>::iterator varIterate;
varIterate = var.begin();
while (varIterate != var.end())
      ClassName tempClassName;
      tempClassName = *varIterate;

      //Do something with tempClassName


Any kind of help or pointers to help material would be greatly


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