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Re: Source specials in Emacs 22 /AucTeX and Miktex 2.6

From: R McDonald
Subject: Re: Source specials in Emacs 22 /AucTeX and Miktex 2.6
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 15:19:34 GMT
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Kevin Rodgers wrote:
Check to make sure default.el and site-start.el are the same on both
machines, too (use M-x find-library, and leave off the .el just in

Thank you, that was helpful. I did find a version of site-start that I wasn't aware was there. Removing it still left me with different behavior on the two machines, but it did eliminate one variable.

What finally helped (in case anyone else has a similar issue): I have set yap (the MikTeX viewer) to use emacsclientw with arguments "+%l %f -n". I wasn't using -n before. As far as I can tell, -n (which means "no-wait") invokes emacsclient and then shuts it down (it never appears in the task list). Forward and inverse search now work as they should.

There is still one behavioral difference between the two machines that is perhaps only a curiousity, but I wonder why it happens. When I perform an inverse search on one machine, there is no message in the emacs minibuffer window. Whe I perform an inverse search on the other machine, using the identical file, the message "foo.tex and foo.tex are the same file" appears. I'm not sure what process is producing the message or why it occurs on one machine and not the other. If anyone has thoughts about that, I would be curious. But the main problem was solved by using the -n option.


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