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Re: using svn through emacs

From: artun
Subject: Re: using svn through emacs
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 06:22:06 -0000
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Thanks for your valuable help...

> Note that in order to run M-x svn-status, you must download and
> install the file psvn.el; it doesn't come with Emacs.  You can get it
> from

By the way installing psvn.el is quite easy. Just putting the file
under <emacs_dir>/lisp and adding line "(require 'psvn)" to .emacs
file makes the file installed.

I want to learn what is the difference between psvn.el and dsvn.el,
because on top of both of the files it was stated they are subversion
interface for emacs. In addition there exists "vc-svn.el --- a VC
backend for Subversion". Will I need other two files than psvn.el?


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