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Emacs switches frame when changing buffer

From: ChristofferC
Subject: Emacs switches frame when changing buffer
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:08:03 -0700
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Let's say that I have two Emacs frames open. In one of them I've
opened ~/.emacs. If I then go to the other frame and execute the
command "C-x b .emacs", the frame with the already opened file will be
activated. I want the buffer to open in the frame that I execute the
command in. How do I change this behaviour?

The weird thing is that if I execute the command "M-x switch-to-
buffer .emacs", it works as I want it to work. I've tried to bind
switch-to-buffer to another key combination than C-x b, but then I got
the "wrong" behaviour again.

/Christoffer Carlborg

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