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Re: Tip of the day

From: Adam
Subject: Re: Tip of the day
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 11:13:20 +1200
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> Yes, if you copy the function to scratch, move the cursor to the line
> after the end of the function, you can evaluate it with C-x C-e. You can
> then run the code with M-x totd <ret> or M-: (totd) <ret>.
Ah ha.  I was placing the cursor at the opening 
bracket of the function - and getting an "End of 
file during parsing" error.    

[Maybe its the Slime C-x C-e that works at either end]. 

> Note that you should probably change the 'n' values in the concat
> strings to '\n' to get properly formatted output.

Yes - correcting the 4 instances of that make 
it comfortably legible. 

Wonderful. Many thanks. 

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